The MCHS Faith & Health Network seeks to build relationships
with congregations, clergy and the community to
promote health and wholeness.
What is the Faith and Health Network?

At some point in our lives most of us are diagnosed with a medical condition. This can be an alarming and frightening experience. There are new medications to take, new doctors to see, and questions to ask. With all of these new things to learn about and to plan for in order to take care of ourselves, it’s easy to forget some steps; and often we just can’t do it on our own. We look to our families and our faith communities for the support and help in identifying questions and finding the answers.

Medical Center Health System recognizes the faith community as an integral part of the lives of many of our patients. We know that your congregation is an important part of your life. With this in mind the Faith & Health Network (FHN) was formed.

The FHN is a partnership between the congregations, the hospital and our community. The FHN works to improve the health of all in our community. You are always welcome to join the network even in you are not formally associated with a faith-based organization. In this case, please return to this page frequently to obtain health information and opportunities to earn incentives toward improving your health!

How It Works

Each participating congregation has a trained liaison who works with our FHN Nurse Navigator to create health education opportunities through health fairs and guest speakers; advocate for you should you need to be admitted to the hospital; and provide a network of aftercare support for you following an illness or treatment.

If hospitalization is necessary, you will be asked once admitted if you are a member of the Faith & Health Network and if you would like for your congregation to be part of your care. The choice to involve your congregation will always be yours.
As a member of the Fait​h & Health Network, you have access to a wealth of support on health issues such as preventive medicine and follow-up care through your liaison. Not an insurance program, the FHN works with congregations to educate and provide a supportive network to help you navigate the health system.

What’s in it for you?

As a member of the FHN, you have an extra support system for your health care. Your congregation has a volunteer liaison that’s trained on how the Medical Center Health System works and other health topics to be able to assist you with your health care.  Other benefits to our Faith and Health Network Congregations include CPR and First Aid classes and flu shots at a reduced cost.  Looking for a someone to speak for your group?  We can provide speakers who can share information regarding various health topics, healthy eating tips, smoking cessation, and Advanced Directives.

Healthcare Education

Your liaison has direct contact with our FHN Nurse Navigator, who is an employee of Medical Center Health System. Together these individuals will help answer your questions, schedule educational outreach for you and your congregation and provide support if you ever need to go to the hospital.

 Educational Flyers

Liaisons will also have a resource guide available to help you locate services you may need relating to your health like where to go for therapy, where to get a flu shot, or how to get a wheelchair ramp installed. If ever you have a health-related question, you can lean on your congregation liaison. They will either have an answer for you or reach out to our FHN Nurse Navigator to make sure your question gets answered.

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Hospital Support

In addition if you’re ever admitted to the hospital, you may be identified as a FHN patient. This will allow your liaison to be alerted that you’re at the hospital. Then the liaison will:

                    • Contact a visitation team from your congregation.
                    • Determine what your needs are during your stay:
                      Will you need communion?
                      Do you have pets that need care?
                    • Assess your needs upon discharge from the hospital:
                      Do you need a ride home?
                      Who will pick up any prescriptions for you?
                    • Direct you to resources that will help you understand the treatment plan designed by your doctor and help you access the appropriate level of care for your health needs.

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