Learn the Signs of Stroke

Learn the Signs of Stroke by Karry Morris MSN, RN-BC Cardiovascular Nurse – Medical Center Hospital Cardiovascular Services Medical Center Health System wants you to learn the signs of stroke and Act FAST! Learn the warning signs of stroke listed below. If you spot them, call 911 right away. Responding quickly can be the difference […]

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Pumpkin, Spice and Everything Nice! by Mia Gibson RD, LD, CDE Dietitian at Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab at the MCHS Center for Health and Wellness The signs of Fall are cooler weather, falling leaves and of course pumpkins. That bright orange pumpkin may mean Fall is here, but that orange color is a signal for a […]

Stress & The Gut

Your Gut Reaction to the Word STRESS by Dr. Sindhu Kaitha If unmanaged, STRESS can have a negative impact on every part of our digestive system. Did you know: Over 40% of people in the U.S. report having more than one digestive symptom per month with women being higher than men. The digestive system is […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – is here! Please remember how important it is to get your yearly screening mammogram! Here are some important facts* as to why a screening mammography is so important: One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over their lifetime. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of […]

Sepsis Awareness Month

Sepsis Awareness Month by Alexis Moore BSN, RN – Clinical Sepsis Coordinator September is Sepsis Awareness Month and many people are unaware of the dangers this complication can pose. What is sepsis? Can I catch sepsis? Sepsis is your body’s overwhelming response to an infection. Sepsis is not anything that you can catch. It is […]