Preventing Tooth Decay at Work

Preventing Tooth Decay at Work By Dr. Robert Stanaland, Doctor of Dental Surgery at ProCare Family Health Dental Clinic Regardless of your background, tooth decay, or dental caries, can affect everyone. People are vulnerable during the work day for several reasons. First, they are away from home, which is where their toothbrush and floss are. […]

Keeping Eyes Young

Keeping Eyes Young by Dr. G. Chase Jackson O.D. Keeping your eyes young and having great vision for years to come is an ideal sought by the masses. Here are some ways I address these concerns with my patients daily. Cataracts are an eye condition that will happen to everyone fortunate to live long enough. […]

Pediatric Water Safety

Pediatric Water Safety Reminder This summer, keep your children safe by following these guidelines: Always have adult supervision when your child is swimming, regardless of swimming skill. Adults who are supervising children in the pool should not drink alcohol or have excessive distractions. No diving in the shallow end of the pool. Make sure both […]

Firework Safety

Firework Safety by Cindy Burnette MSN, RN, CA-CP SANE MCHS Trauma Outreach Coordinator for Education & Injury Prevention Please take a minute to read through these firework safety tips. We want everyone to have a safe Fourth of July Holiday! Always read cautionary labels and instructions before lighting. Use fireworks only outdoors and ensure that […]

Pediatric Sun Safety Tips

Pediatric Sun Safety Tips The best way to prevent a sunburn is to limit sun exposure. The hottest part of the day is usually between 10am and 4pm. Thus, this is when your child’s skin can be affected the most. Babies 6 months and under: It is best to avoid direct sun exposure. Your baby […]