May is National Stroke Awareness Month

National Stroke Awareness Month May is National Stroke Awareness Month, a great time to talk about recognition, treatment and prevention of stroke. Stroke is a major cause of death and disability in the U.S. and, until recently, there was little treatment for stroke. Recent advances in stroke care have made it urgent that people become aware […]

“So, what’s the big deal???”

Why it is bad to not take your prescribed High Blood Pressure medicines. What’s the big deal if you don’t take your high blood pressure medicine(s) the way your doctor prescribed? Before we get to the reason why, there are two other things you need to know that will help you understand why it is […]

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular cancer is a highly treatable and usually curable type of cancer. It typically develops in one or both testicles in young men, but it can occur in older men as well.   Risk Factors  An undescended testicle Family history HIV infection Previous history of testicular cancer Race – Caucasian males have a 4-5 times […]

Happiness is Healthy

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Why happiness is healthy Happiness – you know it when you see it, but it’s hard to define. Why be happy? Being able to manage the emotional ups and downs is important for both body and mind, said Laura Kubzansky, professor of social and behavioral sciences at Harvard School of Public Health. […]

Get involved…Get excited…Make a Difference!

Connecting the care in our community…one volunteer at a time! If you are reading this article, you can volunteer. If you care about a family member or a friend you can volunteer. If you care about your children, you can volunteer. If you care about your grandchildren, you can volunteer. If you care, you can […]