Got GERD? Get Relief! Your chest feels like it’s on fire, and you have a sour taste in the back of your throat. Ugh—it’s heartburn. Next time, you’ll think twice about that meat-laden pizza and chocolate cupcake dinner. The occasional bout of heartburn, while uncomfortable, isn’t a cause for worry. But if it happens on […]

Hello Summer

Hello Summer by Kevin Benson, M.D., Board Certified in Pediatrics Summer is upon us once again.  It is a season that most of us look forward to after the cool, dreary world of the Fall, Winter and early Spring. But along with the warmer temperatures and sunny skies come challenges to us parents who are […]

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: If immediately after any workout, you reach for the next best snack, gulp down a big sugary drink or treat yourself to fatty foods, you may get instant gratification, but your body won’t thank you for long. According to exercise scientists, if you work out at a moderate to high intensity level […]

Ask The Pharmacist

Ask the Pharmacist – “What are some suggestions for better health?” Take you medications as directed by your physician Keep an updated list of all your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications along with any nutritional supplements on your smartphone or a piece of paper, and have it readily available Fill all your medications at one pharmacy Talk […]

How Music Can Enhance Your Workout

Music fuels your workouts. It’s no wonder many fitness buffs and endurance athletes put their headphones on and tune the world out during physical activity. No matter what their training routine entails, music can help all gym enthusiasts to get into the “zone” and perform at their physical best. So how does music enhance workouts? […]