COPD – Dealing with West Texas Winter

Odessa weather forecast this week shows lows in the 30s and 40s. People with COPD often find themselves in trouble during the winter season. The West Texas cold air can be a problem for many people with COPD and often causes them to have shortness of breath. The winter wind can also cause many problems leaving […]


Chocolate Chocolate hearts, chocolates kisses and chocolate truffles – Valentine’s Day most likely brought a little bit, or quite a bit, of treats your way!  Is it true chocolate is good for you?! Not all chocolate is the same. The dark chocolate contains more flavonoids, which have a health benefit. All chocolate starts off as […]

You cannot “workout” the damage tobacco does on your body.

We have all heard people justify having a donut or cupcake by saying: “I will run 15 minutes extra to burn off the calories.” And to an extent, they may be correct. But can the same be said about using tobacco? Can you out run the damage a cigarette or pinch of snuff will cause […]

Mononucleosis (Mono)

February … month of love. Pretty soon roses will be everywhere, chocolates will be bought in bulk and the lip balm and mints will come in handy for those smooches. It is all so romantic. But what if you are too tired and sick to enjoy it? For those with Mononucleosis, that is the case. […]

Get the monkey off your back! How to treat back pain before it becomes chronic pain

Pain may be associated with an injury, a certain medical condition, or structural abnormalities such as a tumor, arthritis, or fracture. Some degrees of pain are normal, like discomfort during the healing process just after surgery or a healing bone fracture. However, chronic pain does not heal and may be present for months and even […]