Singing the Blues

Singing the Blues by Dr. Krystal Murphy Postpartum Blues or Baby Blues is a form of mild depression that generally starts 2-3 days after the birth of a child and should be taken very seriously.  Sometimes the signs are subtle, but the effects it can have on the new family are very real. Although lack […]

The Deadliest Days

The Deadliest Days by Brenda Myers, RN, BSN Divisional Director of the Center for Heart Disease at Medical Center Hospital   Each year around the holidays, the media contacts the local cardiac experts about “Holiday Heart Attacks.”  It’s easy to dismiss the story as, “well, it must be a slow news day,” and perhaps it […]

The Benefits of Exercise on Diabetes

The Benefits of Exercise on Diabetes by John Douthitt General Manager – Mission Fitness* at the MCH Center for Health & Wellness Regular activity is a key component of managing diabetes. When you are active, your cells become more sensitive to insulin allowing them to work more efficiently. Your cells also remove glucose from the […]

Diabetes – Know your Numbers!

Diabetes – Know your Numbers! by Ryan O. Baldomero DNP, MSHS, APRN, ACNS-BC, AACC Director of Chronic Disease Management for MCHS Diabetes Center and Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Screening for diabetes has been made as easy and simple as a finger stick. With the many screenings that we have, checking your blood sugar results can […]

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips from the ECHD Police Department Do not have purchased items visible in your vehicle. Place them in the trunk or cover them with another object such as a blanket. When shopping during evening hours, park in a well-lit and heavily traveled area. When possible, avoid shopping alone. Carry a minimal amount […]