MEDICAL MATTERS: It’s blood pressure 102

MEDICAL MATTERS: It’s blood pressure 102 As seen in the Odessa American “Medical Matters”: by Dr. Fernando Boccalandro In my first article I discussed the basics of blood pressure and the definition of normal blood pressures values according to current guidelines. In this second article I will address some practical tips and tricks, to maintain an […]

Caring for a Survivor of Stroke

Caring for a Survivor of Stroke can be a Challenge by Karry Morris MSN, RN-BC MCH Cardiovascular Nurse, Cardiovascular Services Caring for a survivor of stroke or any traumatic injury or illness can be a challenge. A stroke in a family can result in changes in relationship dynamics, increased stress, role changes and financial burden. Many caregivers […]

Yes, immunizations, flu shots help

Yes, immunizations, flu shots help As seen in the Odessa American “Medical Matters”: by Dr. Arun Mathews  As you may be well aware, flu season is upon us. Occasionally I come across individuals that are unsure about the general benefits of receiving a flu shot, and in some instances immunization in general. I wanted to […]

Creating a Plan

Creating a Plan by John Douthitt General Manager – Mission Fitness at the MCH Center for Health & Wellness  How many times have you started a new workout program in January only to fall off the exercise wagon by the end of February? It happens to a lot of people when goals are unrealistic or […]

Just Three Things

As we start this new year, we need to find a way to really live healthier lifestyles. Often times, New Year Resolutions are large in number and vast in scope. Let’s simplify that to “Just Three Things”. Today’s MCHS Healthy & Well Blog is from Mia Gibson RD, LD, CDE, Dietitian at Cardiac and Pulmonary […]