Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – is here!
Please remember how important it is to get your yearly screening mammogram!

Here are some important facts* as to why a screening mammography is so important:

  1. One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over their lifetime.
  2. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. (behind lung cancer)
  3. Over the last few years, the death rates have been declining, particularly in women under 50. Because of increased awareness to the disease, this is believed to be directly connected to EARLY DETECTION through mammography.
  4. No family history? Did you know that 85% of all breast cancers are in women with no family history of the disease?

Medical Center Women’s Imaging offers you excellent technologist experience … five certified mammographers with over fifty cumulative years of experience take care of mammography patients. MCHS is proud to have two Board Certified Fellowship-Trained Radiologists on staff who are specialists in breast health.

MCHS Women’s Imaging promises to take excellent care of you and your loved ones during your screening exam, 2D or 3D mammogram, bone density and/or breast MRI. MCHS Women’s Imaging also provides stereotactic, ultrasound and MRI guided biopsy procedures.

During the entire month of October, Mammogram Madness event features a 3D Screening Mammogram for just $99! Call the scheduling line at 432-640-4208 and ask for the Mammo Madness Special.

If you know someone who has not scheduled a mammogram due to lack of insurance or financial concerns, please let them know that this Mammo Madness special will help uninsured and under-insured ladies who need to be screened. During other months, there are many financial assistance programs available to assist those who need their mammogram.

Please take care of yourself and encourage your loved ones to also be proactive with their healthcare. Schedule your mammogram today at 432-640-4208!

* Source: United States Breast Cancer Statistics