Like us, you have a passion for caring, a commitment to quality and a desire to constantly learn and grow. You belong with an organization that shares your high professional standards and will provide the support you need to achieve your full potential. That’s why you belong at Medical Center Hospital (MCH). A premier provider of comprehensive healthcare services, our 402-bed hospital serves 17 West Texas counties with clinical excellence and compassionate care, plus highly advanced technology more often found in a big-city medical center.

Built in 1949 with 85 beds, our hospital has evolved into a state-of-the-art facility with complete acute care services, comprehensive cardiovascular services, Maternal/Child/Women’s Services programs, Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Level II Trauma Center, Cancer Center, Surgical Services, Critical Care and an in-house Rehab Unit.

MCH was designated in 1979 as the primary teaching hospital for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at Permian Basin which provides resident training, as well as nursing and allied health.

Over the years, MCH has grown in leaps and bounds both in scope of services and capacity. Today, with more than 1,500 employees and 225 physicians practicing in more than 30 specialties, MCH is the 2nd largest employer in Ector County and is poised for a future of continuing achievement.

Join our dynamic team of healthcare professionals. For more information or to speak with the MCH recruiter, call us at 432-640-1150.

Our Practice Enviroment

Our Practice Environment 

The Department of Nursing supports a practice environment in which nursing care:

  • Is centered upon the patient and family
  • Supports innovation and improvement
  • Embodies care, compassion, quality, and advocacy
  • Supports nursing participation and decision making at all levels
  • Supports nursing professional growth and development
  • Reflects the hospital mission, vision, and values

Center of Excellence for Evidence Based Practice

Center of Excellence 

The Center of Excellence for Evidence Based Practice was formed as an academic partnership between Texas Tech University School of Nursing and Medical Center Hospital Nursing.

Evidenced Based Practice 

Evidence based practice and research development are critical ways to strengthen the discipline and practice of nursing. Knowledge and use of evidence based practice are essential to ensure best practices and safe patient outcomes. EBP, while de-emphasizing ritual, will reveal ungrounded opinions or tradition, and isolated clinical experience.

Evidence based practice is simply:

  • Asking a question
  • Searching the relevant literature for answers
  • Critically evaluating the evidence
  • Apply the results to the practice setting

You may remember the days of administering orange juice with added sugar to combat a patient’s low blood sugar. This practice, while meeting the needs of raising the blood sugar level, many times created a dangerous high and a rebound low. This practice was changed with the introduction of the “Hypoglycemic Protocol” that is based on research and evidence based practice.

Nursing is increasingly coming under scrutiny and being held accountable for patient outcomes that are sensitive to nursing interventions, such as skin integrity and patient falls. Nurses are required to use current and valid research in practice to ensure the care or interventions reflect best practices.

Nursing Philosophy

Nursing Philosophy 

As nurses within Medical Center Health System:

  • We value our commitment to establish and maintain an exceptional standard of individualized care and compassion for all who enter our facility wherever we encounter them in the life continuum.
  • We accept patients, families, significant others, and the health care team without regard to socioeconomic, cultural, religious, or background differences.
  • As nurses concerned with holistic care and service, we value the importance of seeking out professional and personal development endeavors that will help us maintain competency in order to deliver safe and effective care to our patients and their families.
  • As professionals and patient advocates, we are responsible and accountable for our practice and are committed to providing quality care.
  • As peers, high priority will be giving to caring and listening to needs expressed by our colleagues with sensitivity and a willingness to respond and provide a supportive environment conducive to sharing.

Nursing Specialties

Acute Care 

Both the novice and expert nurse will reap the rewards of caring for a diverse patient population in Acute Care Services.

Cardiovascular Services 

Working in an environment where time means muscle, Cardiovascular Services is the place of choice for professionals committed to providing evidence based care and utilizing cutting edge technology.

Critical Care Services 

Benchmarking ourselves with like critical care units across the nation, we provide both Intensive Care and Critical Care including but not limited to adolescent, adult and geriatric patients with a present or potential life-threatening condition. Medical conditions include, but are not limited to, Respiratory Failure/Pulmonary Edema, Cardiac and Respiratory Arrest, Diabetic Keto Acidosis, Shock, Sepsis, Acute Intoxication from Poisoning, High Risk Pre-Operative and Post-Operative patients who require specialized and/or Invasive Monitoring, Multi-System Organ failure, Actual or Potential Acute Cardiac Conditions.

Please be advised that the Critical Care Connection has changed to “The Bridge” program which consists of 26 weeks of training and education in an actual classroom. This course prepares nurses to be able to assist individuals with critical thinking skills and prepares them for day to day performance in Critical Care. For more Information on “The Bridge” Residency Program click here.

Emergency Services 

Emergency Services provides emergency care for all ages and across all specialties including trauma.

Flex Pool Nurses 

If you are an experienced nurse and like flexibility in scheduling to meet your needs, Flex Pool may be perfect for you.

Surgical Services 

There are many opportunities to learn this exciting and challenging nursing specialty.

Women’s / Children’s Services 

Big or small-we do it all. If you are passionate about women’s and children’s services and are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, we can meet your needs! We currently offer care to the labor & delivery patient, postpartum and nursery care, critical care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and pediatric services of general medical conditions and intermediate care for those more critical. Maternal Child offers an extension of the hospital bridge program and covers all aspects of maternal child care.

Clinical Career Ladder

The Clinical Career Ladder serves to promote the achievement of outstanding nurse clinicians by providing the RN and LVN with a formal opportunity to progress to a higher level of recognized expertise. Additionally, the Clinical Career Path serves to retain, recognize and compensate expert clinical staff while providing high quality patient care.

The Clinical Career Ladder is designed to:

  • Support and encourage accountability, innovation, and leadership from the bedside
  • Increase clarity and consistency regarding roles and expectations
  • Increase opportunities for promotion to advanced positions at the bedside
  • Promote professionalism though certification and formal education
  • Increase flexibility in choice of activities to meet interests and talents of staff and needs of the organization
  • Provide opportunity for staff to diversify and focus on interest areas at higher levels
  • Enhance support for professional activities by means of education, training, and monetary incentives

Applications for the Clinical Career Ladder are accepted May 15th- June 15th each year. There is a one year requirement of clinical bedside practice post-graduation in order to be eligible to apply for the Clinical Career Ladder.

If you are interested in participating in the Clinical Career Ladder or would like more information about the program, please contact Minerva Gonzales, Director of Nursing Education, at (432) 640-2171 or