WHALE Stickers

To help hospitals and first responders better manage emergency calls involving children, Medical Center Hospital and Texas Regional Advisory Council have partnered to distribute WHALE stickers. WHALE stands for “We Have A Little Emergency”. The stickers go on the back of a child’s car seat, two smaller ones for the sides and two that go in the window of a car. The stickers will have information such as the child’s name, medical information and emergency contact numbers.

WHALE stickers help to bring attention to the paramedics or firemen. Children ride with grandparents, babysitters or other caregivers that might not know all the child’s allergies, if they’re taking medications or other things they might have been diagnosed with. All the information on the sticker helps the paramedics and people in the emergency room working on a patient have a better picture of the child. 


WHALE stickers can be picked up in any of the hospitals in the Permian Basin. If people want to pass them out at a Neighborhood Watch, they can contact the Texas J Regional Advisory Council at 325-456-2370.


For questions or additional information, contact MCH Emergency Management Coordinator Amanda Everett at 432-640-2212.